Digital Champions

Across all partnerships we work to recruit, train and support Digital Champions to pass on skills and encourage further people to use computers and the internet.


Digital Champions then carry out the following with our support:


1. Inspire people – tell them about the benefits of getting online and where they can find their nearest UK online centre for support
2. Train people to get online –volunteer at UK online centre to show people how to use a computer and the internet
3. Show friends, family and neighbours how to use the internet
4. Donate equipment that can be used to help people get online
5. Spread the word throughout an organisation – promote the benefits of getting online to work colleagues and customers
6. Help someone buy their own computer

If you’re interested in becoming a Digital Champion then get in touch with the Hope Foundation.

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    1. Tea and Tech

      Thursday 21st October @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am