Learning Opportunities


At The Hope Foundation we offer various qualifications through classroom teaching, online courses and blended learning. You can learn in the centre, at home, at work, at an Outreach centre or anywhere else with Internet. This makes our courses flexible so that you can carry on looking for a job, running a home, bringing up your children or working while you gain qualifications.

I thought that the support really helped me by giving my confidence, when I first came through the door I thought that people would think I was too old to learn and think I was thick.  I thought I couldn’t learn.  I was surprised by the different ages of people here.  I think a lot of people give up and think they can’t do it but I am glad I came here.


We will help you choose which courses or services are most useful for you and support you while you work towards new goals.

We currently run accredited courses in:

I was very pleased to pass the exams for all my courses and the staff have been very happy too which helps with my confidence in taking further courses.


Check the Events posts for details of new courses.

To find out more about the centre and these courses please come to our Introduction to Learning Opportunities session.

Our taught courses are delivered through Middlesbrough College so learners have the added advantage of being College students while studying at Hope.