Community Capacity Builders


A UK Online-funded project which ran from March 2011-2012.



This project was about developing local networks of organisations, people and resources and mobilising them to help digitally excluded people understand and gain the benefits of being online. We supported a network of local partners to develop their skills, ideas and partnerships so that communities can get everyone living locally online.



We won the award for Best Photo for our work during UK Online’s Get Online Campaign week 2011 awarded 6th December 2011


Through this 12-month project:

  • Over 1000 people learned to get online through our project.
  • 577 people completed Online Basics and the majority now encourage family and friends.
  • 109 people accessed online support to help them find employment and compile a CV.
  • Work Clubs have been set up across Middlesbrough
  • 10 sheltered accommodation venues now have internet, computers and equipment available to residents. Digital Champion numbers in venues are still increasing. Each venue has a sustainability plan to March 2014 and we will continue to work with our partners to support people living in sheltered accommodation.
  • we have secured partnerships with DWP prime providers which means that 7485 peoplewho are currently eligible for Work Programme will be referred through systems we have put in place


We worked with 43 partners during this project who provided support in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Directly supporting people to get online
  2. Providing low cost/free outreach locations or equipment
  3. Promoting the project’s activities and support ‘taster’ sessions
  4. Local employers supplying prizes
  5. Referring to the project
  6. Becoming UK online centres themselves

Donald is a Digital Champion at Glastonbury House sheltered accomodation. He helped put together the successful bid to install the internet paid for by BT Connections Funding.


For more information about some of the partners we worked with and continue to work with see the pages for Fabrick Housing, jobcentreplus, Greatest Expectations/Rebuild North East, Breckon Hill Community, Elm Tree Community Centre and TRICS, A4e/Morrison Trust, Netherfields/Charlbury Road Community Centres, Mecca Bingo.

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