Fabrick Housing

janetjohn2– supported through the UK Online Community Capacity Builders Project

We are working in 10 Fabrick (Tees Valley and Erimus Housing) venues to install the internet and a computer (where not already available) to support as many people to get online as possible, each supported by a Digital Champion.


We initially deliver beginners computer courses to learners whilst identifying individuals who are able to pass on skills in the future and encourage further people to learn how to use computers and the internet to enhance their lives as Digital Champions.


We then work with the Digital Champions on an ongoing basis to support them and offer any training they may require. Each venue will then have ongoing help via the Digital Champion (supported by The Hope Foundation).


We carry out training on innovative technology to both learners and Digital Champions and encourage the use of social media as a key form of keeping in touch with us for ongoing support.


We offer information advice and maurice-doreen-emma2guidance to ensure continuity of development/progression for each learner. The aim is to create sustainability for the future and leave a legacy of each venue working independently with computers and the internet.


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    1. Tea and Tech

      Thursday 21st October @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am