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The aim of the Hope Foundation is to serve local people and the local community. In order to do this we have developed services, training courses and support packages with the local community and speak to people individually about how we can support them personally.

When you come to the Hope Foundation you will decide which services are relevant to you with the support of an advisor. If we don’t have what you need in-house we will do our best to refer you to somewhere that does.

The Hope Foundation has given me confidence and the staff are like my extended family. Many thanks


Our Services include:

Census Support

Through March and April a team of Hope Foundation advisors will be on hand remotely or in centre to help you complete the census. 


Information, Advice and Guidance (Matrix accredited)matrix-qm-rgb

We have Matrix-accredited Information, Advice and Guidance services.

We are committed to giving useful and relevant information and support to local people; signposting them to the right opportunities.

We work with the National Careers Service to provide good-quality support in finding employment and improving employability skills.



At The Hope Foundation we offer various qualifications through classroom teaching, online courses and blended learning. You can learn in the centre, logo_final_nostrapat home, at work, at an Outreach centre or anywhere else with Internet.  


Work club

The Hope Foundation runs a Work Club, supported by National Careers Service advisors which will help you analyse your own skills, build on them and sell them effectively to potential employers.

We are supported by Barclays Bank whose staff carry out practice interviews with candidates. This gives learners a chance to practice for the real thing and gain useful feedback to improve their performance.



We have a café on-site which is open to anyone – not restricted to those who use the centre. We provide a daily special at lunch time as well as sandwiches, drinks and snacks all day and– at very reasonable prices!

You can enjoy an Afternoon Tea, order cakes to take home or buffets for parties or New Cafecorporate events.

We also have a Cyber Cafe open to the general public.


AccessibilitySwitched On Communities

The Hope Foundation is committed to ensuring the physical premises and all our services are accessible to everyone in the local community.

We also have a variety of hardware and software available for learners with accessibility issues such as screen-reader software and a variety of mice and keyboards

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